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Jacque' Inc. is a privately owned health wellness and behavioral service operating in South and North Florida area. Jacqueline Small, is a Doctor of Medical Science Physician Associate educated and trained in psychiatry, dermatology aesthetics, pain management, and holistic wellness care. Jacque' Inc has been established since 1995 providing spa services, advance to medical and mental health services in 2006. 


The psychiatry services are medication management, Christian Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with relaxation massage techniques, and insomnia therapy.  Jacque' Inc. also provides exceptional services in dermatology aesthetics: advance facials, dermal fillers, Botox, laser hair removal, mole and wart removal.  The pain management involves trigger point injections for neck, shoulders, back and headaches after car accidents, muscle strains/pulls and poor sleep positions. Holistic wellness care involves (infrared blanket for detoxification and weight loss, full body steam treatments); and (cupping, hot stone and stretching massages). The IV therapy drip clinic is available delivering intravenous minerals and vitamins direct to your vein.  IV therapy offers optimum benefits for nutrient, immunity boost, energy and sport enhancement, hangover remedy, mental clarity and weight control. Also available now is compound Semaglutide, the incredible antidiabetic medication used to treat anti-obesity for long-term weight management. 

We service all skin types and specialize in skin of color, which the demand is rapidly expanding in the South Florida area. On site location is available for all services and telehealth/ mobile for certain services.  Personalize treatments are rendered by a board licensed physician associate who collaborate with a medical licensed physician .

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Dr. Jacqueline Small, PA has returned from military deployment and is located at: 2699 Stirling Rd, C102, Ft Lauderdale, FL 33312, and is also tele/mobile health for some services. 


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New Location celebration

To celebrate Jacque' Inc new location we will discount IV therapy treatments for any behavioral health clients/patients.  The  Get Up and Go B12 and amino acid IV therapy reduces and or eliminate symptoms of fatigue, acute mild depression, poor concentration,  memory recall.  You will feel amazing. Other services are: compound Semagultide weight loss,  Botox, Fillers, trigger point injections for neck and shoulder pain. Contact 786.496.4091 for more information. 

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Jacque' shows appreciation for all loyal customers

By giving a free laser hair removal service during the month of May 2023.


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Trigger Point Injection
Trigger point injections using 1% lidocaine or dry needling and passive/resistance therapy  - offers immediate relief for localized pain due to muscle spasms

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Botox and Dermal Fillers

Botox cosmetic relaxes facial muscles in the forehead, between the eyebrows and around the eye areas.  This will diminished or completely  remove  the fine lines when smiling or expressing oneself without a " frozen look" .
Juvederm and Radiesse are fillers that are used to diminish or remove the laugh lines, add volume, decrease the appearance of scars and enhance cheeks and lips.

These treatments will also slow the development of permanent fine lines due to aging, sun exposure and strong facial expressions.

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Facial fillers have come a long way from the days when collagen was the only injectable, and was typically only an option for aging celebrities and socialites. Women today have a variety of good options for injectable fillers, but when it comes to your face, good just isn't good enough. RADIESSE® wrinkle filler does more than just "fill-in" lines and facial wrinkles – it replenishes volume and stimulates the production of your own natural collagen with results that last up to a year or more. Excellent for cheek, chin and jawline augmentation. 


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PCA skin

PCA SKIN’s medical grade products incorporate the latest in medically and scientifically researched ingredients to nourish, hydrate and rejuvenate skin, delivering optimal results. Free of color additives, synthetic fragrances, harsh alcohols, comedogenic oils and other known sensitizers, they are designed to deliver results without irritation and are especially effective for helping to treat such varied skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, hyperpigmentation, rosacea and fine lines and wrinkles. PCA SKIN daily care products are available only through physicians and licensed medical professionals. PCA SKIN professional treatments may only be administered by professionals who have been certified by PCA SKIN. Certification requires the completion of an advanced Skin Biology & Chemical Peel Seminar. Continuing education remains an integral part of PCA SKIN’s mission to ensure that patients achieve the safest and most effective results from PCA SKIN daily care products and treatments.


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